abril 01, 2005


Conforme prometido, aqui ficam mais umas pistas para o que se vai passar no próximo Tejobreaks, a decorrer na sexta-feira, dia 8 de Abril. Passamos a palavra aos internacionalíssimos organizadores do evento (alô, Alexander e co.!):

«Being a hot tip from the first day on, the spectacular TEJOBREAKS events have gained a big group of breaks lovers in short time. The 7th edition is called "Hello summer!" and is bound to produce a massive party to welcome long, hot summer nights, beach parties and open air festivals. To get in the groove easily the promoters have invited DJ Marinelli from Berlin, Germany. Marinelli, DJing since 1990, has featured several residencies in Munich, Berlin and many other locations and will play his long awaited Portugal debut on 8th of April 2005 at Lounge. Alongside, DJs Para Pilotos and Mário Valente will pick some delightful tunes out of their packed record bags. So: If you feel ready to embrace the summer, show up and dance!»

TEJOBREAKS vol. 7: Hello summer!
Marinelli (Berlim), Para Pilotos (Munique) e Mário Valente.
Sexta-feira, 08 de Abril, a partir das 22h00.