setembro 17, 2007



Depois do estrondo fabricado pelos australianos Team Plastique na primeira edição da Cujo (ver fotos aqui e aqui), está na altura de mais emoções fortes. Para a segunda etapa da escalada neurótica apresentada pelo nosso residente Mário Valente foram chamados os nova-iorquinos Aluminum Babe, recente aquisição da Rough Trade, "a sexy tug-o war between The Hives and LCD Soundsystem fronted by captivating swedish singer Anna who creates sound sculptures with delays on top of the catchiest songs you'll hear." (Inside New York) Tempo de festa... again!
"Vocal driven, new rave-acid guitar rock, disco beats and vocals that are pop, original and multi-dimensional make this record ["Smoke in Chinatown"] a one of a kind gem filled with great songs of pure energy. Direct from the fast-paced streets of the Lower East Side of New York City, "Smoke in Chinatown" is co-produced with Gerard Garone of NYC's disco-punk pioneers Radio 4 and Brooklyn's best The Distillery. Aluminium Babe pushes and stretches the boundaries of disco-punk-no wave and indie rock with rhythms and melodies that hypnotize the listener and focus on high energy and originality of sound."
"Aluminum Babe elude simple comparison. They yank the bittersweet guitar song violently into funky disco terrain and then gently lick it with a creamy female falsetto. Driving dance-punk energies, making for a fascinating sonic journey that is highly recommended." (Amy McGill, Rock Sound)

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Sábado, 22 de Setembro: Cujo #02 com Aluminum Babe [ao vivo] + Mário Valente [dj set]