outubro 28, 2008


quinta-feira, 30 de Outubro, 23h30

Duo italiano de improvisação livre, espiritualmente situado entre África e Nova Iorque, agora ampliado para quarteto global através da participação do português Tiago Miranda (Loosers) e do norte-americano Andrew Baker (Gold Sparkle Band).

"On tour around Europe for the first time ever. Virginia Genta - tenor and soprano sax, flutes. David Vanzan - percussions, gongs. Tiago Miranda - percussions. Andrew Barker - drums.
Virginia Genta and David Vanzan formed Jooklo Duo in 2004, as an essential sax/drum duo with deep roots in a spiritual conception of jazz and free music, with a huge devotion and passion for all african and percussive music. The duo started touring hard since 2007, all over Europe and Scandinavia, and arrived in november 2007 on the stage of the historical jazz venue “Red Rose” in London for the Wire 25th anniversary festival, to meet the great altoist Sonny Simmons. Both Sonny than the UK audience was pretty impressed from the Jooklo duo’s sincerity and spiritual power: a bridge of sounds is connecting the generations. During the first five months of 2008, Genta and Vanzan had meet two incredibly talented musicians who has been going to bring a deep impact to the music of the duo: the portuguese percussionist Tiago Miranda (involved in one of the most worldwide known portuguese bands of nowaday, Loosers, plus owner of the fine record label Ruby Red) and the american drummer Andrew Barker (one of the most important and talented jazz drummers living by now in Brooklyn and probably all over the USA, founder of the Gold Sparkle Band and along the others partner of musicians like William Parker, Joe mc Phee, Sonny Simmons, Ken Vandermark, Daniel Carter, Sabir Mateen, Sirone, Charles Waters and many others). After some recording sessions and concerts of Jooklo duo with Andrew Barker in New York, and at the same time several works together with Tiago Miranda in Lisboa, the idea of this enlarged quartet has come out. A highly percussive, spiritual, and full-of-groove quartet in which the Light and Love are reigning."


sábado, 1 de Novembro, 23h30


Quinta-feira, 30 de Outubro: Jooklo Fire Quartet [ao vivo, 23h30 + Mário Valente, dj set]
Sábado, 1 de Novembro: Glam Slam Dance [dj set]