março 11, 2009


sexta-feira, 13 de Março, 23h30

// You may recognize Publicist as Sebastian Thomson from other acts such as Trans Am, Weird War, and Dead Kids. He loves making music with his friends but he also loves to make music on his own. As he once said "I love making music with my friends but I also love making music on my own." Publicist exists somewhere between DC, NYC, and London, after Sebastian decided it's better to spend money on plane tickets than on rent. Publicist plays on the floor, not on stage, he is of the people and for the people. // Ian Svenonius is an American musician, notable as the singer and mouthpiece of various Washington, D.C.-based music groups including Nation of Ulysses, The Make-Up, and Weird War. Between his numerous projects, Svenonius has released more than 15 full-length albums and more than 20 singles, EPs, and splits. Svenonius is also a published author and an online talk show host. // "These songs represent the glorious collision of Trans Am and The Make-Up, though it's certainly not initial contact. Sebastian Thomson and Ian Svenonius have been making joyful noise together for some time as members of Weird War, but Publicist is Sebastian's baby, a solo drum and electronics project that focuses on the beauty of the beat. Brother Svenonius throws in his two cents on top of Thomson's polyrhythmic attack, and the listener wins." -rcrdlbl // "...while I was trying to find words to describe the Publicist sound, I think I should just quote some of the comments from his myspace, where people are like 'your funk is from another planet', 'cosmic sensation' and 'full on instant dance party' and that sums it up better than I ever could. About time for some space funk and putting the 'disco' back into 'discodust' after all! ... this is some of the freshest music I've found in ages." -discodust // // mp3 // mp3

sábado, 14 de Março, 23h30

// Aroma. DJ Aroma is a DJ, Producer, Liveact, Writer, Labelmanager of aromamusic and above all: she is an artist trying to find a way to live the music she loves . She says:“ I make music for the hips and for the mind, if I do not get the record I want to have I'll produce it, thats why I learned all that nerd stuff.“ Of course its electronic, minimal and really funky metropolitan berlinhouse. Enjoy to see that girl give some funk to the digital turntabels. // says she is a well known DJ from Berlin, Tendance voted her among the best 100 international Djs, De:BUG says Aromamusic is a great Berlin label truly connected to the underground, DJ Magazine says MPC Queen, Partysan says: her Album Berlin Zoo is really cool electronic wildstyle, with a large varity of sounds. John Aquaviva and Eric Prydz charted and played her productions. And if you want to get something from her from your local record dealer, she just did a great and sucessful Remix for Sven Wegner on the Hamburg based Kachelfunk label. //

Sexta-feira, 13 de Março: Publicist [ao vivo, 23h30] + Audio Jockeys [dj set]
Sábado, 14 de Março: Les Nuits des Folies ft. DJ Aroma + High-Hi [dj set]