março 10, 2010


quinta-feira, 11 de Março, 23h30

// Estreia em Portugal. Trio de Detroit apadrinhado pelos Black Keys, que cruza despudoramente garage, prog rock, punk, electrónica e psicadelismo. Uma verdadeira festa.
"The three men who make up SSM have roots in the midwestern garage rock underground. Keyboardist John Szymanski comes from the Hentchmen, drummer Dave Shettler from The Sights, and guitarist Marty Morris from The Cyril Lords. They recruited Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys to record the first album. SSM deviate from the classic Detroit rock band mold. They have mixed garage
rock with psychedelia, electric dance sounds and prog rock and come out with
a unique sound… Imagine if aliens came down, took said favorite garage rockers, took their Stooges filled record collections and cryogenically froze them, only to be thawed out in the year 2050. Still youthful looking and full of scruffy bearded vigor, SSM would be given futuristic guitars, organs and drums by their alien captors and told to create music...."

Quinta-feira, 11 de Março: SSM [ao vivo, 23h30] + Mário Valente [dj set]