março 05, 2008


ao vivo: FAMILEA MIRANDA [chile]
sexta-feira 7 de Março

É no Lounge que arranca a primeira tour nacional dos chilenos Familea Miranda. Rock musculado, pintalgado de prog, hardcore marado e psicadelismo, cantado em espanhol. Lá por fora já tocaram com os Man or Astroman?, Spermbirds e Trans Am. Tempo de os descobrir cá dentro.
"Familia Miranda is touring Portugal for the first time and they are presenting their last release: "Llamando al Desastre", a remastered compilation of their 2 first works from 2001 and 2003, originally released as CD-R just in Chile. Familia Miranda ("noisy onlookers" or "window shoppers" according to the local slang) was born in 1999 in Santiago de Chile, Southamerica, and is the confluence of veteran musicians of the chilean underground punk scene from the early 90's. The members are guitarist and vocalist Katafú, the bass player and vocalist Milo-Gomberoff and the drummer, teacher, and electronic musician José Jünemann. Since their beginnings, they have know how to distill a mostly instrumental sound that brings to mind the intrincate legacy of bands from the noiserock genre: psychedelic, dense, experimental and energetic at the same time. In their style, come together, elements of punk rock, hardcore, new wave, obscure metal, post rock and some weird spots of south-american folklore, always insisting on thematics dyed of a fine black humor, abstract lyrics, and a real distrust for the traditionalism of the Rock and Roll. They have toured extensely around Chile, Argentina, and 4 times through Europe, playing with the likes of The Ex, Trans Am, Man or Astroman?, Spermbirds, Asobi Seksu, Engine Down and Tribute to Nothing, among others. Since 2007 the band lives and has their headquarter in Barcelona, Spain."


sábado 8 de Março

Sexta-feira, 7 de Março: Familea Miranda [ao vivo] + Mário Valente [dj set]
Sábado, 8 de Março: F.R.E.I.M.A. Showcase: Freimattic Twins + Señor Pelota [dj set]