março 10, 2008



sexta 14 de Março

"When you think about a Social Disco Club, you inevitably think of people gathering together around disco music. So it was with little surprise that Humberto picked it up as his musical alterego. Being a dj since he was a teenager, Humberto fully understands the ease with which people gather around music, talking, partying, and letting themselves go. He also knows the way that a dj can convey his music to those in front of him, setting a vibe, maintaining a groove. Looking at djs like Larry Levan for inspiration, he soon realised that the message was really in the music. It was the music that made those people gather around. And the music, well, was disco. Disco, especially disco, seemed to express exactly what he wanted to say. So when it came time to sit down and actually make music, the choice was easy. For Humberto, disco still has a lot to offer and the technological breakthroughs of music production have actually helped to bring disco into the 21st century. Taking advantage of those tools, Social Disco Club's music is now focused on bringing forgotten disco to a new audience, adding his own personal disco touch to it. Be it made in 1970 or 2007, the message is always in the music."

sábado 15 de Março

Festa de lançamento do novo EP dos Internal Sync, "Dif Dif".

Sexta-feira, 14 de Março: José Belo + Social Disco Club [dj set]
Sábado, 14 de Março: Internal Sync [dj set]