setembro 22, 2010


quinta-feira, 23 de Setembro, 23h30
AO VIVO: MC GAFFE E [australia/uk]

// Gravou com Thomas Bullock (Rub N Tug), colaborou com os Digitalism e com Jonny Woo (Horse Meat Disco) e já fez primeiras partes para Lady Gaga. Currículo invejável para uma moça que não começou a dar nas vistas há tanto tempo assim. Venham descobri-la esta noite, pela primeira vez no nosso país.

"The story begins when MC Gaff E escaped the semi-rural wonderland of Brisbane Australia to seek her fortune in the big sleazy world in 2006. Landing in London she met Peter Kirk (The Outlaws), who suggested she become his spandex wearing rude MC. Inspired by this fun idea, MC Gaff E recorded her first five tracks with Thomas Bullock (of Rub n Tug) in his studio in the woods upstate New York in 2007. From there, she began rapping around Sydney, gradually expanding her gigs all around Australia then taking her show all around the world. Upon her travels, she met and collaborated with Brazil's Edu K, Sydney club king Kid Kenobi, Germany dance punk duo Digitalism and most recently, the legendary Horse Meat Disco trans, Jonny Woo and his crew of colourful freaks. Performing all over the festival circuit nonstop for the past 2 years, MC Gaff E and her DJ Drugmoney, have played major festivals including Glastonbury, Big Day Out, Bestival, The Big Chill and (Amsterdam's) Valtifest. Also playing renowned parties such as Broken Hearts Club in Berlin, underground disco jams run by Ed Banger's Mickey Moonlight and History Clock's Nathan Wilkins and Modular parties in both New York and London supporting KIM (The Presets), Lady Gaga and other rising stars."

Quinta-feira, 23 de Setembro: MC Gaff E [ao vivo, 23h30] + Mário Valente + convidado surpresa [dj set]